52 Awesome Things to Try Once in Your Life

52 Awesome Things to Try Once in Your Life

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This little box of enriching experiences—a refreshing update of a classic bestseller—contains 52 prompts for living life to the fullest.

Make every day count with this illustrated deck of 52 experiences everyone should have at least once. This updated version of a classic from the bestselling 52 deck series offers ideas ranging from the wild and adrenaline-pumping (such as skinny-dipping and skydiving) to the mundane but meaningful (such as watching the sun rise and set in one day, or writing a love letter). As the gift of a life less ordinary, this pocket-sized deck of cards is a fun way to refresh at the start of the new year or a sweet present for anyone turning a new leaf.

Inspires new experiences: The activities in this deck range from adventurous to poignant. Draw a card daily, once a week, or whenever you want to invigorate your routine.

Great gift for any occasion: Gift friends and family a year’s worth of life-changing experiences. This deck is a fun and festive present for holidays, birthdays, graduations, housewarmings, or any celebratory occasion, and its petite package makes it an easy add-on gift or stocking stuffer.

Perfect for:
• People looking for stocking stuffers and add-on gifts
• People seeking easy, celebratory birthday gifts or new year, new you gifts
• Family and friends seeking gifts for the new graduate

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